“Caitlin Cisek’s terrific costume design adds considerably to the cast’s and show’s success. The look of the 19th Century is vibrantly  obtained  with peasant outfits, fur hats,  and long coats. Thats all contemporarily tweaked with jeans, flannel, shirts and the presence or smart phones”, Darryl Reilly (2017) Interview

Pete Rex (2018)

cleverly garbed by production designer Caitlin Cisek in a Goth-style monster mash-up of brown leather and scales-print denim, finished off with a requisite tail). Simultaneously affable and menacing…

The Village Voice, Michael Sommers

The Compass Podcast Interview

That One True Phoenix (2017)

“Caitlin Cisek’s costumes do a lot of the narrative heavy lifting early in the minimalism of the beginning, decking her actors in puffy shirts with pops of velvet and embroidered red and blues.  I was impressed from the beginning with Da Ponte’s delicately hand-crafted wig that seemed made out of paper.   The choice was fascinating when Mozart enters in a powdered wig of real hair, underscoring the scrappy, DIY-nature of Da Ponte’s various identities.

New York Theater Review,  Lisa Huberman

Tartuffe (2015)

“Costume design by Caitlin Cisek is spot on, with Republican-cut suits and a clear understanding of how characters and costumes have the potential to feed each other. (These are qualities that should be present in every theatrical production, especially when there’s a linear narrative, but are all too often found lacking.)”, Jaime Rosler

Tartuffe (2015)

“Cisek found great inspiration by the typical garb candidates wear, patriotic shoulder pads and all.”

Theater in The Now, Michael Block

Dracula (2015)

“I really liked the costumes. I loved how they found ways in all of the design elements under what I assume to be a very low budget, to really honor the story and the period from which this story comes.”

unobstructed view podcast

Pandora Machine Spotlight

In Fields Where They Lay (December 2014)

“…period perfect costumes…”

Theater Pizazz, Joel Benjamin

Interview with Brian Balduzzi

La Cenerentola (August 2013)

“The costumes are lush (and accurate!) by the talented Caitlin Cisek.”

My Entertainment World, Brian Balduzzi

Blood Brothers (May 2013)

Caitlin Cisek’s costumes nicely differentiate between rich and poor. Mrs. Johnstone spends the first act in a frumpy house-frau dress. Mickey’s sweater is caked with mud. Edward looks crisp. And his mother, Mrs. Lyons, is sharp in a skirtsuit.”

David Gordon, Theater Mania

Blood Brothers (May 2013)

“…charming costumes by Caitlin Cisek…”

Georgina Young-Ellis, Queens Gazette

Queens Gazette Interview with Georgina Young-Ellis

Blood Brothers (May 2013)

APAC Production Blog

Bite The Apple (Summer 2012)

Caitlin Cisek’s costumes are wonderfully specific, original, and creative.” (Joseph Samuel Wright)

Joseph Samuel Wright,

Twelfth Night (January 2011)

The costumes, designed by Caitlin Cisek, adorned the characters fabulously.”

Rachel Lanyi, Davis Examiner

 Midsummer Nights Dream (September 2011)

…thanks to ingenious costuming by Cisek, somehow it all works, and works well.

Bev Sykes, Davis Enterprise

Madame Bovary (December 2011)

And costume designer Caitlin Cisek has provided time-appropriate dress.

Paulanne Simmons,

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